Cenote and Cavern Diving in Playa del Carmen

Did you know the formation of the Yucatan Peninsula is related to the ring of cenotes of Chicxulub crater? This ring is a chain of cenotes forming a semicircle, which according to studies is the edge of the impact crater left by the asteroid which reportedly caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 70 million years ago.

  • Its creation goes back millions of years, in the last Ice Age. The Yucatan Peninsula was an area covered by sea, which then descended and left the coral barrier exposed, which originated a limestone soil.
  • The limestone, being very porous, allows the filtration of rainwater that fills the numerous tunnels and caverns of the subsoil, which in turn form the subterranean rivers. As the limestone wears away, it collapses resulting in the cenotes.
  • In Quintana Roo the cenotes cover a territory of 61 km of caves, and many of them haven’t even been discovered.
  • The ancient Maya had a strong connection with the cenotes, as they were their source of water, and they also considered them to be the entrance to the underworld.
  • These pools of crystalline water exist in few places in the world, and the Yucatan Peninsula has the largest extension of them, aproximately 10,000 cenotes distributed in all its territory.
  • Thanks to the cenotes, a new modality has been developed in the world of diving and archeology: archaeological diving. Apart from archaeological treasures, remains of prehistoric animals of species unknown in the region, such as horses, elephants, camels and giant armadillos have been found.

Certified divers can join us in cenote and cavern dives. They will be guided by our professional instructors with Full Cave title, with a maximum of 4 people per group. The sunlight can be seen in almost all dives.


  • One morning


2 Tanks  ONE Cenote 
Chikin Ha 125 USD
Tajma Ha 135 USD
Dream Gate 140 USD
Dos Ojos 140 USD
Zapote 150 USD

2 Tanks   2 CENOTES  
Casa Cenote + Chikin Ha 150 USD
Chikin Ha + Tajma Ha 150 USD
Chac mool + 2 ojos 170 USD
Chac mool (2 dives) 140 USD
Chikin Ha + Dos Ojos 150 USD
Tajma Ha + Dos Ojos 170 USD
Tajma Ha + Dream Gate 160 USD
Zapote+Maravilla 170 USD
Pit + Dos Ojos 170 USD
Pit + cenote 190 USD
Angelita + Dream Gate 180 USD
Angelita + Pit 190 USD

1 Tank 1 CENOTE
Pit 125 USD
Angelita 125 USD




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