Nitrox Specialty course

The Mayan Riviera is the ideal place for you to continue learning.

Do you want to enjoy the seabed for a longer time? Nitrox is your best choice! Sign up for our 1 to 2 days course and you will learn the benefits of Nitrox diving.

The program consists of a theory class and two optional dives. You’ll spend more time in the sea. You’ll learn to analyze your gases. You’ll be planning Nitrox dives using your best mix. Reduce risks and do not feel tired after your dive!

Included with the course

  • Dive insurance
  • PADI or SSI diver certification
  • Student material
  • Free Pura Vida t-shirt!


120 USD / 2300 MXN … NO dives

230 USD / 4400 MXN … 2 Nitrox dives (Playa del Carmen reefs)
260 USD / 4900 mxn ..2 Nitrox Cenote dives

Sign up today!

Locación 1

Locación 2